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Before I worked with Crystal, I was struggling with being the family member of someone who suffers from a severe alcohol addiction that has greatly impacted our family.


Crystal is very knowledgeable about this subject and shared a lot of valuable information


the statistics she shared were the most alarming but also the most valuable to me. Since working with Crystal, I have achieved some insight, knowledge, and education on the severity of living with alcohol addiction and its impacts; I have been able to have meaningful and positive conversations with my family member who is suffering from the alcohol-related issue; and I have been able to educate the rest of my family on the transformation that Crystal had along with being able to instill changes for my family. My family member is equally interested in taking the steps to transform their life for the better and is interested in seeking Crystal's program. Take the steps and do it! Believe in yourself and do not look back.

Lynn M.


Crystal is warm, passionate and knows how to hold a lot of space that makes you feel supported and seen.


She's not a one-solution coach - she's dynamic and has a profound understanding of how to meet people exactly where they're at. Among the very few out there who know that changing your patterns isn't a matter willpower, she has an un-shaming approach to helping people that feels like a breath of fresh air. her high energy inspired me, and I'm so grateful to know her. I highly recommend working with Crystal!

Michelle L.

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