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Want to learn how I healed from a nearly 10-year long alcohol addiction in just 3 short months ...and how I believe you can too?!

If so, I invite you to grab your copy of a resource I have for you so you can learn how after suffering from a nearly 📆 10-year long nasty alcohol addiction 😫 where I couldn't get better no matter what I did and how hard I tried under our current mainstream and traditional approach to alcohol recovery, I found a 🤓 research-based approach to alcohol recovery which enabled me to get better in just 📆 3 short months 💪 and to stay recovered ever since! 


Come join me every week from my cozy desk for a coffee date (or tea, or water. or whatever is best for you, I'll be drinking coffee though!) as I share about all things recovery! More specifically, we'll talk about alcohol recovery, faith, marriage & motherhood, trauma recovery, financially recovery, weight loss, building a biz and so so so much more! I personally share as well as have conversations with other real life people who also have lived experience.


It's my very favorite way to connect with each of you and I approach every single episode of the She's Recovered Podcast with 1 mission - to help you see the opportunities in the challenges you face so you can use them to your advantage to go further and higher by helping you reframe what was seemingly meant to harm you as opportunities that can be used for your good and the good of others!


So, grab your cup of coffee and take a listen!


How I healed from a nearly
in just 3 SHORT MONTHS
...and how you can too!

"Once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic." Right? WRONG! Did you know science has finally made a way to make a "normal drinker" out of an alcoholic an option? There are some who think that's amazing and then there are those who are so offended by the thought, but no matter people's reactions, facts and facts and this is true. Want to learn how? Here's where you start!
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on the

Thank you for considering guesting on our show! We just have a few questions we need you to answer to make sure it's a right fit.

Before I worked with Crystal, I was struggling with being the family member of someone who suffers from a severe alcohol addiction that has greatly impacted our family. Crystal is very knowledgeable about this subject and shared a lot of valuable information. The statistics she shared were the most alarming but also the most valuable to me. Since working with Crystal, I have achieved some insight, knowledge, and education on the severity of living with alcohol addiction and its impacts; I have been able to have meaningful and positive conversations with my family member who is suffering from the alcohol-related issue; and I have been able to educate the rest of my family on the transformation that Crystal had along with being able to instill changes for my family. My family member is equally interested in taking the steps to transform their life for the beter and is interested in seeking Crystal's program. Take the steps and do it! Believe in yourself and so not look back."

Lynn M.


💗 It take me about 5-10 seconds longer to get a joke when someone tells it and they may even need to repeat it, but I guarantee you, I laugh 10x louder and longer than anyone else in the room because I genuinely think it's so funny!

💗 The beach is my FAVORITE place, has been since I was a little girl visiting LBI, NJ ever summer, and will always be!

💗 I've been avoiding small talk since 1990, seriously though I HATEEE it. If deep conversations about why things work the way they do are your thing, I'm your gal!

💗 I'm a HUGE analytical and critical thinker, and although I love this about me, I also appreciate my hubby who is the exact opposite and who is also teaching me how to relax, lay back and just have fun! (Not to mention, I'm teaching him how to do my style too!)

💗 It's taken me over 3 decades to become the woman I am, I am incredibly grateful and I can finally say with a true and open heart - I love her!

💗 I'm certainly not where I want to be, but I am SO GRATEFUL I'm not where I used to be!



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may be BEST for YOU?

I know, I know, you're probably thinking, "Crystal, sobriety is the only way. Duh!" But what if I told you that is actually not the only way and not to mention, not the best way for most people who need help healing their relationship with alcohol. So let's find out what path will best help you heal your relationship with alcohol once and for all so I can send you some resources that are specific to your needs!


I believe in going back to help those who still are where I once was and so through speaking, She's Recovered and You Made a Way, I get to do just that! 


If you are in need of recovering, you are not alone. Recovering is more than possible for you! Trust me, I know because I've been there myself and I've successfully made it through to the other side and I'd love the opportunity to walk you successfully to the other side too!


Change your relationship with alcohol and change your life! I promise you, this is an approach to alcohol recovery you've probably never heard of or encountered before.


Help your audiences reframe the challenges they face as opportunities that could be used for their good and the good of others.


Join the movement, partner to help prospective, current and at-risk single moms struggling to afford basic necessities get on the road to becoming financially free

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Go from suffering from alcoholism to becoming a "normal drinker" or sober, but without those constant and obsessive thoughts and cravings for alcohol all day, every day with no line of defense other than sheer willpower, to white knuckle it and to have fear because you know what will happen if you pick up another drink. Recovering from alcoholism can be simple, easy and you can know where to go and what to do every step of the way IF, and only if, you have the right approach, strategy and support of someone who knows the way. I know the way because I've been there - I suffered from alcoholism for nearly a decade until I found alternative paths to recovery, I then recovered in just 3 short months and I've been recovered ever since! I'd love to show you step-by-step what you need to do to recover from alcoholism once and for all and be there to support you every step of the way. Here is where you can begin! We'll get you there, I promise!

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Crystal Fedeli. I am a 🤓 Specialized Social Researcher and I use a 📚 research-based approach to help those with alcohol addiction, recover. 

It wasn't always this way though, once upon a time I suffered from a nasty alcohol addiction for 10-long years 😫 and I couldn't get better no matter what I did and how hard I tried under our current mainstream and traditional approach to alcohol recovery ☹️.


This was until I found a 📚 research-based approach to alcohol recovery (I didn't know it was called that at the time like I do now) which enabled me to get better in just 📆 3 short months and stay recovered ever since 💪.


Thanks to a research-based approach to alcohol recovery, I was able to change my relationship with alcohol so I could then change my entire life - 💗 I was finally able to heal from the early chronic childhood trauma I survived, 💗 my faith has grown much stronger, 💗 I am an amazing wife to my hubby and mommy to my babies, 💗 I am building a brand to help others recover 💗 and so so so much more!


Since then, 🤓 I became a Specialized Social Researcher 🤝 and began She's Recovered where I use a research-based approach to help others with alcohol addiction, recover.

I'm also 🎤 a Speaker,🎙 Host of the She's Recovered Podcast, 🦋 and I started a 501c(3) nonprofit organization called You Made a Way where we help single moms struggling to afford basic necessities get on the road to become financially free! (That last one is another part of my story we can get to another time!)

...and I believe 💯% this can all be for you too! 💗💪🦋


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