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Is Our Alcohol Recovery System Working?

Updated: Feb 12

Is our alcohol recovery system working?

During this week's episode I share my thoughts. Click here or below to take a listen!

I have a gift for you!

Not being able to find the path of alcohol recovery that actually works for you, struggling with strong and obsessive thoughts and cravings for alcohol all day every day until you finally give in and drink way too much and cannot stop, and in this endless cycle that repeats itself over and over again can leave you feeling hopeless.

In this complimentary resource I share exactly how after suffering for nearly a decade, in this same cycle, under our system's mainstream approach to alcohol recovery I was finally able to find an alternative path of recovery, recover in just 3 short months and stay recovered ever since. Now I help other women do the same! 

Click here to grab your copy! It's completely complementary and my gift to you!


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