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Want to learn how I healed from a nearly 10-year long alcohol addiction in just 3 short months ...and how I believe you can too?!

If so, I invite you to grab your copy of a resource I have for you so you can learn how after suffering from a nearly 📆 10-year long nasty alcohol addiction 😫 where I couldn't get better no matter what I did and how hard I tried under our current mainstream and traditional approach to alcohol recovery, I found a 🤓 research-based approach to alcohol recovery which enabled me to get better in just 📆 3 short months 💪 and to stay recovered ever since! 

Image by Jess Bailey



I believe in going back to help those who still are where I once was and so through speaking, She's Recovered and You Made a Way, I get to do just that! 


If you are in need of recovering, you are not alone. Recovering is more than possible for you! Trust me, I know because I've been there myself and I've successfully made it through to the other side and I'd love the opportunity to walk you successfully to the other side too!


Change your relationship with alcohol and change your life! I promise you, this is an approach to alcohol recovery you've probably never heard of or encountered before.


Help your audiences reframe the challenges they face as opportunities that could be used for their good and the good of others.


Join the movement, partner to help prospective, current and at-risk single moms struggling to afford basic necessities get on the road to becoming financially free

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