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You’d Never Guess THIS About Why You’ve Been Stuck, Maybe Even for Years #whenpracticalsolutionshaven’tworked

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I have a confession to make…

I’ve been holding back because I’ve been stuck and I finally realized why.

I tried so many practical solutions to not stay stuck holding myself back, but no practical solutions ever moved the needle for me with this. This was until I recently had a major breakthrough. 

I realized that I’ve been carrying around a deep-rooted subconscious belief that no one will believe that I have anything valuable to offer and that no one will ever trust me. 

I pinpointed the exact first time I felt and thought this growing up, the exact memory and just doing that work has brought major freedom to my life already.

Do you feel stuck in a certain area (or let’s be honest, areas, plural) in your life? Have you tried practical solutions, but they just haven’t moved the needle in getting you unstuck?

My hope is that after me sharing my story of how I realized I was believing the lie that no one thinks I have value to offer and no one will ever trust me, that you will feel like a weight was lifted off your shoulders because you will learn how when we are stuck in certain areas in our lives today, that practical solutions haven’t worked for, it is likely because there is an underlying deep-rooted subconscious belief that we formed from an experience growing up and meaning we made from that experience. I want to help you to recognize this and do the work, which is you taking the first step of creating change in your life in places you’ve been stuck for maybe even years.

Let’s Get Unstuck!

Bring what is in the dark to light!

If you want to make any kind of change, the first step is always acknowledging it. A wise person once said that you can’t change what you don’t acknowledge.

It’s like if you were in a dark room filled with things, windows completely closed off, no light coming in whatsoever. You can’t see a thing.

If you began to move around, you’d most likely stub your toe on things in the room and hurt yourself.

If you turned on the light though, you’d be able to see where the things are placed, walk around them and thereby not hurt yourself! After doing this for some time you may even forget they are there as you walk around the room and one day you may even get rid of those things from the room. 

It’s just like this with our deep-rooted subconscious beliefs, if we know what they are and where they are, we can choose to let them be and not run into them, until one day we may even forget they are there and even another day we may get rid of them and replace them with newer and better thoughts that actually serve us. 

We have to do the work of getting honest with ourselves in the areas we are stuck though, what we feel and why, and then think of the first time we felt and thought this growing up. I promise this is the first step and brings major freedom in and of itself.

Have you ever heard the phrase that beauty is in the eye of the beholder? It’s true.

There are people who are going to have views and opinions about you, what you’ve done and where you’re going, etc.

In my case, with my believing that no one will ever think I have value to offer and that no one will ever trust me, I realized this isn’t true, but it is a matter of the environments I am putting myself. 

It’s just like the story of the violinist who played in a New York subway for 45 minutes where a handful of people stopped, a few clapped and he raised roughly $30.

No one knew, but his name was Joshua Bell and he was one of the best musicians in the world. He was also playing one of the most intricate pieces ever written with a violin worth roughly 3.5 million dollars.

2 days before this, he sold out a Boston theater where the seats average roughly $100.

The moral of the story is that the extraordinary in an ordinary environment does not shine and is often overlooked and undervalued. 

Once you arm yourself with value and confidence and you remove yourself from these environments that aren't serving you, you can thrive and grow. Go where you are appreciated and valued.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and if you have beholders or should I say non-beholders of the beauty you bring, remove yourself and go where there are those who behold the beauty you bring.

Recognize your trauma responses and cut it out!

All in love though, seriously, I invite you to recognize what these are and to let them go because they aren’t serving you any longer. 

They most likely kept you safe at the time growing up, but they aren’t serving you anymore.

For me personally, I realized that I developed this habit of overexplaining myself and making my case for why I am valuable and can be trusted because I developed this deep-rooted subconscious belief that if I just could explain myself and make a good argument, others would see my value and would trust me.

I realized though that this has more to do with who they are than myself. 

Now of course, we should always be a bit skeptical and we should not be naive to trust someone, but there are those who will never have value for you or trust you because they don't have this for anyone, including themselves. 

Also, sometimes you have to find your tribe as they say, where you are an aligned fit with your peeps.

In conclusion…

Alright! So today we covered how the areas in our lives where we are stuck and that practical solutions haven’t worked to get us unstuck, may be an indication that we have a deep-rooted subconscious belief from an experience we had growing up and the meaning we made from that experience that is keeping us stuck. We also covered that if we do the work, this may just be the key to getting us unstuck.

To do this, we talked about how we need to bring these deep-rooted subconscious beliefs to light, that we can’t rely on others' opinions and views of us, and to recognize what our trauma responses are to these deep-rooted subconscious beliefs and to stop doing them because they are not serving us anymore!

A major area I see people stuck is in the work I do - to help those who suffer from alcoholism either become a “normal drinker” or to be sober but in a way that is effortless and with ease.

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To your incredibly successful healing journey,



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