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I Have a Confession to Make, I've Been Holding Back... But I’m Not Holding Back Any Longer

Updated: 24 hours ago


I have a confession to make, I've been holding back... but I'm not holding back any longer!

I have found that my message - that sobriety is a way, but it's not the only way and is certainly not the way; that sobriety didn't work for me; and that science has finally made a way to help those who struggle with over drinking go to "normal drinking" is very controversial to say the least.

I can get a lot of criticism for it and that has been really tough for me to learn to navigate, but I have resolved that - -I'm not available for destructive criticism -I'll be damned if I let destructive criticism get in the way of the people who are walking around in pain right now and who need my message -I am playing the game of a 1,000 destructive criticisms to get to the many more who need the life-saving message I carry!

So, I have resolved that I am holding back no longer!

Click below to take a listen!


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PS -

Has the traditional and mainstream path to alcohol recovery not worked for you (or someone you know)? Do you want to learn about and try another way?

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-All I have learned about alcohol recovery, the true root cause and approach to recovery that actually works for those who need the support, from my my lived experience, earning my 2 grad degrees and experience working in the field

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To your incredibly successful healing journey,



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