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How I Went From Alcoholism to "Normal Drinker"

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Want to learn how I went from suffering from full blown alcoholism, unable to control my alcohol consumption no matter what I did and how hard I tried, to a "normal drinker"?

I went from drinking 2-3 bottles of wine just about every night, only taking off every other night or so because I was so hungover and needed to recover, and 15, to 20, to 25 drinks when I went out and drank socially to literally not thinking about alcohol for years (other than to think about how I haven't thought about it), enjoying just a drink or 2 every once in a blue, and being able to stop drinking each time effortlessly and with ease. I also no longer get strong and obsessive thoughts and cravings for alcohol.

If you want to learn how, I invite you to take a listen!


I remember the day I learned that you can go from suffering from full-blown alcoholism to a "normal drinker".

I was listening to a TED Talk while driving home that I had come across as I began to research once again how to stop over-drinking, or whatever I typed into the YouTube and Google search bars at the time, and this was one of the videos that came up.


I just wanted to stop suffering from alcoholism and I felt so stuck, like there was no way out for me because all I had ever heard was that those of us who "have a problem with alcohol" have 2 options - if we could not moderate our alcohol consumption then we needed to abstain entirely and for the rest of our lives, but I had been trying my very best at this for nearly a decade and I failed miserably every single time.

It's not like I didn't reach out for help - I went to a psychiatrist, I had been in therapy for literally my entire life (no joke), I went to support groups such as AA and Celebrate Recovery, I had an amazing relationship with God and prayed about this all the time, I had an accountability partner, and so so so much more.​ Nothing worked for me.


Little did I know, I came across an idea that was going to finally heal me from the alcoholism I had been suffering from for nearly a decade and completely give me my life back that was stolen from me by the biochemical makeup I was born with (we'll get to more of that in a bit).


I learned that all I had to do was take 1 little pill before I drank alcohol and it would allow you to drink like a "normal drinker". 

I'll admit, at first I thought it was too good to be true so I completely discounted it.

I eventually became really desperate though, I mean as if I wasn't already desperate enough, and I thought to myself - if I don't try it, it won't work for me, but if I do try it, it might work for me. I mean, I didn't think it would work for me, but I was so desperate that I was at least more than willing to give it a try.


You would think that would be my happily ever after, right? I would try it and it would either work or not, but I then discovered that getting to try it was a whole journey in and of itself because a key component was that I needed a specific medication and after numerous attempts and several months I found that no doctor would even look into this for me.


The words of those doctors are etched in my mind forever - after telling me, "After you have a drink or 2 just stop drinking, I mean you don't need to drink more" and trying to counsel me to keep a drink log even after I told her I had been trying all those things and they hadn't worked for me for nearly a decade I was able to speak to the Clinical Director of the practice who proceeded to tell me she thought I was trying to "...go through the backdoor for treatment." Another doctor at another office told me, "You can't be your own doctor and treat yourself." (to be clear, I was not trying to be my own doctor at all). Another doctor's office skipped the insults and just refused to prescribe me the medication. 

At this point, there aren't words to describe how I was feeling and doing. I was was devastated, to say the least. 

I finally found a doctor who was willing to help me. The only issue was he didn't take health insurance so I had to pay him out of pocket. At the time as a brand new single mother and as single as a single mother could be with absolutely no support whatsoever from the bio father and my family of origin, I could barely afford our basic necessities on my salary, but I did what I had to - I took from my rent money to pay him, he wrote me the script and I was able to get the medication from the pharmacy the same day.

Once I was able to get what I needed to finally try this method though, I recovered in just 3 short months, have stayed recovered ever since, and now I go years not touching a drink without even thinking twice and if and when I want to have a drink, I know exactly what I have to do to be a "normal drinker".

In addition to finally recovering from alcoholism in just 3 short months after a decade of suffering -


I think it's important to say first that I caught up on rent asap!


The strong and obsessive thoughts and cravings for alcohol completely went away and if and when I want to enjoy a drink socially, I am able to effortlessly and with ease! Many times I don't even notice I don't finish my drink. Alcohol has lost all power over me, I am now in complete control! 

What really hurt at the time was that my therapist of 5 years fired me as a client because she didn't, according to her, "fundamentally agree with my method of recovery". This doesn't make sense on so many levels, but we'll just chalk it up to say here that maybe it was for the best.

I really like the AA crowd, even though in my experience many of them express very passionately that they don't like me because of my belief system around recovery. 

I appreciate my hubby as my accountability partner to make sure that if and when I want to drink alcohol that I take my meds beforehand and who has always been supportive of me in whatever path of recovery I took, just as long as it worked for me.

I am also so grateful for Jesus and salvation because did you know that salvation literally translates from Greek to mean healing in every single area - spiritually, our mind and emotions, as well as our physical bodies? That includes healing from alcoholism! I'm so grateful that Jesus gave me faith that there was a way for me to become a "normal drinker" even when I had no tangible proof whatsoever and then showed me exactly how.

Now that I am recovered, I help others who are suffering from alcoholism recover as well.

Alternatives paths to alcohol recovery have enabled me to finally heal from alcoholism and thereby - finally heal from the childhood trauma I survived because I'm not constantly drunk and putting myself in situations that allow myself to be retraumatized, be an amazing mom and wife, go back and help others who still are where I once was and so much more.


Now I am Crystal Fedeli, a Speaker, Host of She's Recovered Podcast and Creator of the Alcohol Recovery Lab where I help those who suffer from alcoholism become "normal drinkers". 

I am eternally grateful!

Before you go, I have a resource for you!

It's called 5 Steps to go from Over Drinking to "Normal Drinking" and it's completely my gift to you! Click here to grab your copy. 💗

To your incredibly successful healing journey,



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